Frequently Asked Questions

Storebox is the first completely digital self-storage solution in Europe. You can secure and comfortably store your precious possessions in the individual cabins in sizes from 1 to 30 sq. mtrs. Thanks to the innovative access system, you can enter the locations and your cabin 24/7. The modern sensor system monitors the temperature and humidity of your cabin around the clock. In addition each cabin has certain insurance protection, so you do not have to worry about anything.

You can book a cabin on our website at any time and start storing immediately after booking. Select the desired location and decide on the cabin which suits you best. You have the option to choose between different minimum terms and service packages. In the end, you can select your payment method and confirm your booking.

The following goods and materials may not be stored in the cabins:

  • food or perishable goods (unless they have been packaged properly to protect them against attack by pests and so they don't attract pests).
  • clothing (in particular fur coats) unless such have been securely (airtight) packaged
  • living beings of any type (animals, plants, mushrooms, whether dead or alive)
  • combustible or flammable materials and liquids (such as gasoline or diesel fuel, natural gas, solvents, oils, paint, batteries, accumulators and similar materials)
  • compressed gasses
  • weapons, ammunition and explosives
  • radioactive materials, biological or chemical substances
  • toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially hazardous materials or substances
  • any materials that might produce smoke or odors
  • any type of prohibited substances and objects or illegally acquired objects
  • materials that could impair others due to their emissions
  • items which exceed the inventory value

Please note:

If any infringements result in the proliferation of pests as a consequence, the expenses of pest control by experts will be invoiced.

The size of the cabins will vary depending on the location. The smallest cabins are roughly 1 m² and the largest may be 30 m². In detail, you can find an overview of the sizes in m² and the volume online at each location.

You can pay by credit card, SEPA direct debit, Paypal and on account. Your fee is payable monthly in advance. You can find the day of the billing period in your contract.

The minimum term is one month.

The contract can be terminated after the chosen minimum term has passed. You have to give notice 2 weeks prior to your desired termination date, which is specified in your contract, where you find all necessary details. In general, our contracts are of indefinite duration, so as long as you do not cancel your contract, it will continue as usual - you do not need to do anything.

If you would like to terminate the contract before the minimum term has passed, you have to pay the agreed full amount of compensation for the remaining months until the expiration of the minimum term. You can cancel your storage contract either in your dashboard, or notify us in via email to the Customer Happiness team, to

Yes, we insure your stored goods with our insurance partners. Here you can choose a coverage between 2,000 EUR and 10,000 EUR. The costs depend on the scope of coverage. Please note that your insurance coverage also determines the maximum inventory value.

If you would like to see the cabin before booking it, please contact our team at:

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a four or five-digit access code for the main entry via email/SMS. You can also find it on the confirmation page. To enter the Storebox location, enter the four or five-digit code and press the #-sign using the terminal at the main door. The door will unlock. You will also find the combination for the padlock at your cabin on the confirmation page or in the confirmation email/SMS.

When leaving the Storebox, simply use the door opener on the wall next to the entry door and it will unlock. Close the door and it will automatically be locked again.

Yes, we can assist you in finding a transport service. Just send us a request to and we will get back to you with options.

Yes, our smart sensor monitoring allows you to easily and digitally monitor temperature and humidity in real time. You have access to the data 24/7 via your user account.

Our Storebox shops can be accessed at any time from Monday through Sunday, midnight to midnight, 24/7 by default*. Please note that during legal rest period from 10 PM to 6 AM you must keep the level of noise to a minimum.

*May vary in some regions. See detailed in our Location page and Terms and Conditions.

In order to serve our customers in the best possible way, we use a free service number for your telephone requests. Calls from national networks in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are free of charge. It is important to use the respective country-specific code and number. In Austria reach us free of charge on +43 800 366644, in Germany on +49 800 3666446, in Luxembourg on +352 27 63 00 15 and in Switzerland on +41 800 366644. If you are calling from the Netherlands, please contact us at +31 20 808 4314. If you are calling from Belgium, please contact us at +32 2 586 06 12. Since our numbers are service numbers, calls from abroad may incur costs, depending on your phone provider. If you want to avoid costs, please drop us an email to and we will contact you directly.

With us, all normal household items are safely stored and insured with their current value. In detail our insurance covers furniture, racks, tools & automobile accessories, travel and sports equipment, clothing stored in airtight packaging, refrigerators, washing machines and other electronic devices for the private use, as well as other residence contents.

Not insured are: valuables such as (but not limited to) cash, jewellery, stamp collections and collection of coins, furs, oriental/valuable carpets, art objects and antiques. The compensation for electronic devices is limited to a compensation of 500 EUR per damage case. So please note that these items are not allowed to be stored.

In general, please be aware that all goods with a value exceeding your insurance coverage as well as forbidden goods are neither insured nor do we take charge, care or custody for them.

  • damage relating to burglary and vandalism
  • damages which occur by the immediate effect of water which resigns from water-leading conduits, armatures or connected facilities and also damages which occur as an inevitable result of this damage event
  • fire and explosion
  • extreme weather conditions as storm, hail, snowy pressure and lightning strikes
  • rockfall and landslide and even
  • crash of airplanes or celestial bodies.

So, with us your belongings are safely secured - even against very unlikely events! While the insured sum depends on your chosen package, the insurance conditions and damages covered are of course the same for each customer. You can find the concrete details of the insurance conditions in your booking confirmation.

During the booking process you can flexibly choose an insurance sum between 2,000 EUR and 10,000 EUR for each cabin. If you need higher insurance coverage as you store things with a higher value, no problem, just contact us and we'll coordinate everything.

If you wish higher insurance cover or want to store things exceeding your current maximal inventory value you can call us or send us an email and we will arrange the adaptations you need.

  1. minimise damage: If possible it should be tried to minimise the damage, however, do not risk your health.
  2. take other necessary measures: In case of imminent danger, call qualified emergency personnel (ambulance, police, fire brigade), so they can keep the damage within a limit. Make sure that you and other people are out of danger.
  3. report any kind of damages directly: As a next step you need to contact us immediately and report the damage.
  4. send notification of claim: Please fill in the notification of claim and send us the signed form via email. Please also include all additional documents, such as photographs, authority / police reports and the list of damaged goods so that we can process the case as fast as possible.

Any possible deposit will be transferred back to you within 15 working days of the end of the contract. The amount will be sent to the bank account you have disclosed, provided that the storage cabin was cleared on time, left clean and all invoices are paid.