Storebox Schikanedergasse

Storebox Schikanedergasse

Schikanedergasse 12, 1040 Wien. Get directions

Schikanedergasse 12 1040 Wien

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24/7 Access and Video Surveillance

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Smart Sensors & Monitoring

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Unit 15

Area: 9.6 m²

Capacity: 39.7 m³

L: 1.2 mW: 2.53 mH: 4.13 m

From 365.00 EUR / mth.

Unit 17

Area: 5.9 m²

Capacity: 24.3 m³

L: 1.25 mW: 3.7 mH: 4.11 m

From 261.00 EUR / mth.

Unit 27

Area: 1.3 m²

Capacity: 5.3 m³

L: 1.08 mW: 1.15 mH: 4.04 m

From 72.00 EUR / mth.

Unit 30

Area: 4.1 m²

Capacity: 12.6 m³

L: 2.79 mW: 1.32 mH: 3.07 m

From 195.00 EUR / mth.

Unit 50

Area: 1 m²

Capacity: 4.1 m³

L: 1.05 mW: 0.93 mH: 4.01 m

From 56.00 EUR / mth.

Unit 51

Area: 6.2 m²

Capacity: 25.3 m³

L: 3.52 mW: 1.75 mH: 4.07 m

From 271.00 EUR / mth.


Storebox Schikanedergasse is located in the Schikanedergasse in 1040 Vienna. In this very centrally located Storebox you will find many different storage compartments and compartment sizes and can store whatever has no room in your home. In the immediate vicinity is the Naschmarkt and the proximity to the Karlsplatz offers a very good guide to orientation. Publicly, you can reach this Storebox location best with the U4 at the stops Kettenbrückengasse or Karlsplatz. Even with the U1 and U2 you can get off at Karlsplatz and reach your storage room in your Storebox in just a few minutes. With the bus line 59A, your storage space at the Naschmarkt is even better accessible by public tranport. As a motorist you will find parking nearby. However, you should definitely solve a parking ticket, the 4th district of Vienna is a short-term parking zone. The Storebox and your personal storage compartment are walkable at ground level, which also makes storing bulky and heavy items much easier.

After booking you will immediately receive your personal and individual access code and can enter the Storebox 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The storage compartments are video-monitored and your stored items are also insured. So you do not have to worry about valuable and delicate objects. No matter what you want to store - in your Storebox it is safe. The optimum storage conditions together with our smart sensors also make it easy to store sensitive stored goods. You can check the temperature and humidity in your compartment online at any time, as well as in our Android and iOS apps in your user account. 

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