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Vienna is growing. Constantly. In recent years, the population of Vienna has seen annual growth of up to 2.4%. In 2016, Vienna was home to 1.84 million people.

Vienna's population was at its peak in the early 1900s, when a whopping 2.2 million people lived in and around the city in 1916.

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Now to the important part: Your personal warehouse in Vienna!
Due to the population trend, space is becoming increasingly scarce – and especially in cities like Vienna. New-build apartments are becoming smaller and thus used more efficiently, sometimes coming with a cellar compartment. Older apartments often offer little space for storing possessions, as the floor plan is usually far from ideal. The cellar compartments in old buildings are also often damp, musty or not developed, none of which are the ideal conditions for storing items such as furniture, clothing, tools, etc.

The “self-storage” concept was developed to respond to the high demand for storage space. Self-storage, a sort of rental warehouses, is a storage compartment or depot leased to several renters for storage purposes. The customer or tenant is responsible for storage and removal. The first self-storage facilities emerged in the USA in the mid-1960s. Since then, the concept of self-storage has also established itself in Europe. There are currently more than 20 self-storage sites in Vienna. Many people use these offers to store furniture, or even their beloved stamp collection. Some simply don’t want to throw away items associated with memories.

Storebox – Your warehouse in Vienna

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Storebox – Your storage next door Europe’s smartest self-storage provider. By visiting Storebox – Locations, you can find a site/location near you in Austria or Germany. Naturally, your stored items are protected by our insurance policy. The smart sensor technology measures humidity and temperature in real time, to ensure optimal storage conditions. The warehouse can be accessed using an entry code, giving you access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can book your warehouse also via App (iOS or Android).

If you are interested in renting a store, simply get in touch with us at 0800 366 64 46, send an email to service@storebox.at, or book straight away at yourstorebox.com.

The Storebox team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Fair Prices

Compartments can be booked in various sizes and cost from €36,99 per m²/month, plus flexible insurance packages.

24/7 Access

Your compartment is available immediately after booking and can be accessed around the clock with your personal access code.

Smart & Safe

All Storeboxes are accessible on the ground floor, barrier-free, doubly secured, monitored and insured.



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