Storing tyres comfortably and safely

The problem of storing winter/summer tyres is one that all car owners face. There’s always the question of how and where to store your tyres. Most are probably stored in cellars or at a trusted car repair shop. But what if the cellar is already jam-packed? And why only pay to store tyres when you can rent your own storage compartment, at the same time? This allows you to store not only car tyres, but also old furniture that you are sure to need at a later date.

But what do you actually need to consider when storing tyres?

  • You should definitely mark your tyres and mount them exactly as they were before storage
  • The tyres should be stored in a cool and dry place, otherwise rust or paint damage may occur
  • Air pressure should be slightly increased
  • Direct sunlight or even outdoor storage should be avoided at all costs
  • Tyres should not be stacked on top of one another
  • Special wheel holders for easy storage are highly recommended

After storage:

  • The tyres should be checked for damages
  • The tyre pressure should be checked and adjusted accordingly
  • This is also a good time to check the tyres’ tread depths

So, what are the advantages of a self-storage compartment over conventional tyre stores?

As already mentioned above, self-storage compartments allow you to store other items, you don’t want to get rid of, essentially giving you tyre storage and regular storage compartment in one. And, because everything comes from the same provider, there is only one bill and one contact partner, making communication a lot simpler.

The 24/7 access is another advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked. You never know when you might need something from your compartment. If an irritating appointment falls through, you can access your compartment at any time and store or remove things as you wish. Ultimately, it’s this flexibility that often determines the choice of storage place – and in this regard, is without doubt one of the best self-storage providers on the market today.
Booking is very simple. A storage compartment in Vienna can be booked conveniently, in less than 2 minutes, online or via app (iOS or Android).

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Fair Prices

Compartments can be booked in various sizes and cost from €36,99 per m²/month, plus flexible insurance packages.

24/7 Access

Your compartment is available immediately after booking and can be accessed around the clock with your personal access code.

Smart & Safe

All Storeboxes are accessible on the ground floor, doubly secured, monitored and insured.



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