Storing skis

As the ski season comes to an end, the same question always arises: how should I store my skis and snowboards properly? While regular maintenance during the season is natural, you should also ensure your skis are ready for summer so that your equipment is fully functional and ready to use for the next season.


First, you should clean your skis or snowboard after final use. Above all, the safety binding should be especially thoroughly cleaned as a lot of dirt gathers here. Shoes and other equipment should also be cleaned well, aired out and dried. Moreover, functional clothing and ski suits shouldn’t be washed as often as this damages their functionality. Instead, it’s often enough to extensively air the clothing out before storing it. Ski shoes and, above all, interior shoes should be stored as dry as possible to prevent mould from forming. To ensure ski shoes retain their shape, they should be closed loosely.

Care and storage

Once cleaned, the skis, surface coating and safety binding should be looked after. If rust has already started to form, sand the edges before storing to prevent it from spreading further. Then treat the surface and edges with a sufficient amount of ski wax and apply a special spray to the binding. This seals the skis and protects them against moisture in an optimum way.

Subsequently, the skis are best kept separate or loosely together with the surface coating facing upwards. Whether standing against the wall or lying in a wall bracket is a secondary issue: the main thing is to avoid excess tension. As a fundamental rule, skis and snowboards should be stored in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, there is a risk of rust forming from condensation. A garage or attic is therefore not ideal for ski storage, as such rooms subject the equipment to significant temperature fluctuations. Before the next ski season, the skis should be serviced to check the action levels of the safety binding.

Defective equipment such as helmets or ski glasses should be replaced with new ones in summer, as they are often sold at a discounted price during the off-season. This means you can save some money on your gear ;)

Let’s sum up our tips in a checklist:

  • Clean skis, poles, shoes and bindings thoroughly and leave to dry
  • Treat binding with binding spray
  • Sand edges to prevent rusting
  • Wax skis sufficiently with hot wax
  • Ideally store individually or loosely together
  • Avoid excess tension on the skis and binding
  • Place either standing against the wall or lying on a wall bracket, and don’t set on surface downwards
  • Store in a dry place without temperature fluctuations
  • Have ski binding checked by a professional
  • Don’t wash functional clothing and ski suit too often, instead air out
  • Replace defective equipment during the summer if necessary, as it is usually on sale

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