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Here you can find an explanation about how to use storage boxes. This includes an overview of providers and also some information on the differences between rental boxes and containers.

What even is a storage box?

Not all storage boxes are created equal. From classic self-storage providers and rental containers to collection boxes – the term covers a wide range of things. However, they do all have one thing in common: they are used to store goods. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of storage boxes.

Self-storage providers such as Storebox for example and the like offer individual storage compartments between 1 and 50m² in size, located on specially adapted premises. The advantages are flexible sizes, video surveillance, unrestricted access, as well as convenience of location – the sites usually enjoy convenient urban locations. Self-storage is also suitable for storing delicate objects such as furniture, pictures or antiques as the sites are usually secure, heated and dry.

Lease containers offer a particularly cost-effective storage option and are above all suitable for the long-term storage of weather-resistant objects such as car tyres. The facilities are usually located on the outskirts or near to a city, meaning they can’t always be accessed quickly.

Another interesting concept is that of individual lease boxes. These are prefabricated lease boxes delivered to the home. Once they are filled, the company picks them up and stores them in a large logistics warehouse. This also means that the items cannot always be accessed. This type of storage box is primarily suitable for smaller items such as books, CDs, files and so on.

Another storage box option can be found in classic bed boxes or underbed storage boxes. These can be filled with various items such as books, clothes and crockery, and can also be made air-tight using adhesive tape. They can be stored both at home under the bed and with a self-storage provider if you’re short on space at home.

Speaking of boxes: people looking for moving boxes or crates and cardboard boxes often end up in a hardware shop. These shops sell sturdy boxes with handles that can support a weight of up to 30 kilograms. If you need several boxes (e.g. for a big move), you can buy them cheaper online. As a matter of principle, we advise against using banana boxes or packaging boxes as they are usually unable to hold very much.

Other uses for a storage box

Incidentally, leased storage boxes can also be used in different ways – for example, as temporary storage at flea markets or seasonal kiosks. Most self-storage compartments are also suitable for use as dispatch warehouses for e-commerce and online retail: you can access them at any time and don’t have to lease 100m² from a logistics provider straight away. If you run an online shop, it may therefore be worth leasing a storage compartment. A storage box is also suitable as an extended office, such as if you are working nearby and need temporary space for your advertising materials. You can even fit a small workshop or photography studio inside a leased compartment. However, you should check with your provider in advance whether they allow this kind of alternative use. Certainly, living in a compartment may be frowned upon ;)

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