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On this page you will find a brief overview of the self-storage market in Vienna and other Austrian cities. We will explain the meaning of the term and advantages of this kind of storage solutions before giving you an overview of the current situation in the Austrian self storage market.

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According to the German Self-Storage Association, self-storage is the personal storage of objects within individual rental units of varying sizes. Both private individuals and companies can flexibly store their possessions (e.g. files) in this way. The lease boxes can be locked, are dry, and usually also stored under video surveillance. The concept of self-storage originates from the USA. As a result of urbanisation and continuous population growth, living and storage spaces are becoming increasingly scarce. Modern, compact housing often comes with little storage space. Nevertheless, private possessions play a major role in today’s society. People often define themselves and their lifestyle through labels and brands, they exercise more, and usually have a number of household appliances, thus creating the need for flexible and cheap storage solutions.

The self-storage market

With 58,000 self-storage facilities and turnover of $22 billion, the USA is the global market leader in this field. In Europe, the concept is primarily established in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. This can be seen in the graph below, which shows the density of rental space available per inhabitant (FEDESSA European Self Storage Annual Survey).

Self Storage Chart world

While the United Kingdom and Sweden are the forerunners in Europe, with 0.042 to 0.051m² of rental space available per inhabitant, Austria sits in the middle of the rankings with approx. 0.009m² per inhabitant. By contrast, the figure for the USA is 0.723m².

Self-storage in Austria: Providers and prices

Vienna is by far the largest self storage market in Austria. With more than 20 self storage sites, Vienna-based self storage companies offer a variety of storage concepts, ranging from individual compartments to collection of boxes and file storage. Other Austrian cities, which are limited by their lower population figures, usually have much fewer self storage facilities.

Due to the sometimes substantial differences in compartment size, room height, access times, notice periods and additional services, it’s often difficult to make a direct price comparison between self storage providers in Vienna. It’s therefore worthwhile examining the respective providers carefully and contacting them by phone if possible. Modern self storage providers often rely on transparent price setting and provide online support via chat. If your lease box requirements are not so complex, then you can choose from a variety of conventional self storage providers in Vienna.

If, however, you’re looking for 24/7 access, digital booking, a moving service and flexible insurance packages, you will often be limited in your choice of providers offering these additional features.


The following list offers an overview of self-storage providers in Austria:

  • Storebox – 104 locations Europe-wide and 48 in Vienna
  • MyPlace – 13 sites in Austria
  • Diskont Depot – 11 sites in Austria
  • Local Storage – 6 sites in Vienna
  • Easy Storage – 2 sites (lease containers) in Vienna
  • Lagerbox Linz – Lease containers in Linz
  • Multistorage – Self-storage in Salzburg
  • Self-Storage in Graz and Klagenfurt

Storebox - Self-Storage from

Storebox – Your storage next door , has many sites throughout Austria and Germany. In addition to 24/7 access via entry code, we offer you attractive insurance packages and smart sensors which transmit information (humidity, temperature) directly from your storage compartment to your smartphone.

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