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Rent a cheap warehouse in Berlin – Marzahn

The former urban district of Marzahn is today an area in the Berlin administrative district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. It is divided into Marzahn-Nord, Marzahn-Mitte and Marzahn-Süd and currently accommodates around 111.000 inhabitants. In GDR times, the Marzahn produced the largest housing estate in the area and even today the district is characterized by a picture full of prefabricated buildings. The name Marzahn comes from the Slavic and means as much as "settlement with a marsh area" since there was often affected by floods, swamps formed thereby.

Despite the many prefabricated buildings and swamps, Marzahn has a lot to offer. From the famous Gardens of the World to Biesdorf Castle and the Wilhelmina Museum to the new ropeway, from which the Brandenburg landscapes can be observed from afar.

Although the skyscraper silhouette has recently developed from a dull residential area into a bright variety of colours in many places, the superlatives of large housing estates still conceal its pitfalls. By the coming together of many people also automatically a lot of personal belongings accumulate. Living and storage space is very limited compared to single-family houses. This often leads to a lack of space and overcrowded living rooms. Cellars are only suitable to a limited extent as high-quality storerooms for sensitive objects, as these are often damp and dusty.

In the next paragraph we explain the advantages of a selfstorage storage compartment and why it is a great relief for your everyday life.

Selfstorage – cheap storage space rentals

Instead of taking a larger apartment when there is not enough space anymore, a cheap selfstorage compartment can be an optimal alternative. Simply rent a storage space and almost everything can be stowed away. From various sports equipment, decorations, furniture and other household items to delicate files and documents that require special storage conditions. All these things require a dry storage room, because otherwise furniture, for example, can quickly become musty and therefore wear out.

Also, as an intermediate storage during a move or a stay abroad, a favourable storage space is the problem solver to be able to stow all things safely at short notice. The selfstorage provider Storebox Berlin meets all the necessary criteria for your perfect rental warehouse.

Storebox – rent a storage in Berlin

In addition to Austrian locations, the Viennese company Storebox already operates several locations in German metropolises, including Berlin. It offers the first completely digitized solution in the selfstorage area.

The advantages of Storebox at a glance:

  • Favourable storage space between 1 and 20m²
  • All locations are video monitored and insured
  • Smart sensors measure temperature and humidity in all storage rooms
  • A storage compartment can be booked online or via App (iOS or Android) in less than two minutes
  • The personal access code makes the warehouse available 24/7
  • Compartments can be booked from one month - no commitment period required
  • All locations are located in the city centre or in residential areas
  • Storebox is the cheap storage space near you!

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