Relocation well thought out and implemented

A relocation is a project that should not be implemented unprepared. Planning is everything. The following tips will help you move efficiently and facilitate this project from start to finish.

At the beginning we recommend starting early with the preparations. As soon as it has been decided to move into a new apartment or office, the first considerations should be made. We recommend starting about 3 months before the move.

  • How long is the notice period of the previous location?
  • Does the apartment or office have to be painted or even renovated before handover?
  • Would you like to move with a removal company or would you prefer help from family and friends?

Once these things are established, it is worthwhile to draw up a rough schedule. This varies depending on whether you move with or without professional help.

If you are looking for help from a removal company, here are tips on how to find the best removal company for your move and what to look out for. Moving professionals are an enormous relief, as they not only help you pack and move correctly, they also offer tips on how best to prepare yourself and above all help with well thought-out planning and implementation (packing, transporting and unpacking boxes and furniture). After a long period of research, we have identified die Möbelpacker as the best moving partners for our high-quality standards and brought them on board as partners. Using Storebox Facebook Chatbot, Pauli, an offer for a move can be obtained quickly and without obligation.

Important: The furniture removers offer flexible services and can therefore also be booked in addition to a do-it-yourself move.

It is also advisable to clean out before the move because the less property has to be moved, the faster and cheaper the move will be in the end. On this occasion, consideration should already be given to which objects are used more frequently and less frequently. Here you can save a lot of time when packing, because many things can be brought immediately into the cellar.

In any case, a checklist is very helpful. Beside the very extensive removal check list of the Möbelpacker (including templates for termination letters and many useful links), also offers asistance with a list for before the removal in addition, for after the removal.

When it comes to packing, it is a good idea to think through the packaging material. Relating to this, professionals work with bubble wrap for fragile items, stretch wrap for furniture, tissue paper to protect tableware such as glasses and adhesive tape to close boxes and moving boxes. However, instead of tissue paper, low-cost alternatives such as newsprint can be used. 

It is particularly recommended to proceed systematically with the labeling of the removal boxes. From the visibility of the label and description to color coding, there are a few tricks you can use to find your belongings quickly and thus make it much easier to put them back in. On Movinga you will find valuable tips on the topic of moving boxes.

We also explain how easy it is to move in our blog article. If there should be too little space, we offer a guide here for how fast and easy storage space can be rented. With Storebox - your storage next door, storage is easy, safe and fast. The transparent prices help to make a quick decision and the compartment can be filled with a personalized access code immediately after booking. 

If you are interested in a storage, just call 0800 366 64 46, write an email to or send us a non-binding inquiry using the contact form below. 

The Storebox team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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