If Marie Kondo would know Storebox Selfstorage…

Marie Kondo – how to be happy with tidying up and clearing out

Marie Kondo was born in Tokyo in 1984 and is a Japanese bestselling author. She published three books. They have been translated into 27 languages and sold over 7 million copies worldwide. According to Time Magazine, she is one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Marie Kondo has dedicated her life to order. Her surname "Kondo" wurde became the English verb "kondo" which means "to clean up a wardrobe". The KonMari-method is also known in German-speaking countries at the term "Magic Cleaning". She teaches tidying up and clearing out as the starting point of an inner order. The philosophy behind it: "Order makes you happy. The chaos inside the room corresponds to the chaos inside the heart."

Marie Kondo’s books:

  • Magic Cleaning – 2013
  • Das große Magic Cleaning Buch – 2018
  • Die KonMari-Methode – 2019

Tidy up and clear out clothes a la KonMari

Less is more. Those who adhere to Marie Kondo's recommendations not only create order but also space for new things. From chaotic to minimalist without missing things. The clean-up approaches can also be taken into account when purchasing new items: Does it please me? Does it make me happy? Getting an awareness for objects is an essential goal for the Japanese woman.

The KonMari-method – 6 steps for more order according to Marie Kondo:

  1. Speed and consistency: Cleaning up is not a constant process, but a special event. It is supposed to happen fast.

  2. Sort by category: If clearing out happen by location and not by category, the cleaning process never ends. The Japanese woman recommends the following order: clothes, books, papers, small stuff, memorabilia.

  3. Physical contact: Touch, pay attention to the body feeling, switch off the brain. If the item feels good, keep it.

  4. Joy: Reverse logic. It's not about what to clean out, it's about what you really want to keep. What makes me happy? What gives me pleasure? With which things would I like to live with in the future? This point is also a tactic to deal with yourself and to discover what is really important to you.

  5. Everything needs its own space: All things you own should be clearly arranged at a glance, ready to hand and should be stowed space-saving.

  6. Respecting belongings: One way to help getting away from things is to show them respect. To thank them, to deal with them again, and then to dispose them. An altar should also be designed for special memorabilia in order to honour them.

Second hand instead of throwing away

Now the question arises what to do with all the things given away. Because it doesn't mean that just because I don't enjoy anything anymore, nobody else does. We should also be careful in our daily lives to throw away less, in order to pay some attention to our environment at the same time.

Second Hand is a successful concept for fashion articles of all kinds. It does not necessarily have to be designer pieces or vintage clothes. Even very simple parts can still be useful in another wardrobe.

The same goes for furniture and everything else: At flea markets, for example, almost all used items can be offered. If the things are still in time, it would be a pity to simply move them to the bulky waste. Besides, they can also make a little money.

Platforms like Shpock-the online flea market, Kleiderkreisel.at or Willhaben.at can be a helpful support.

If you are still unsure what to do with the things you have given away, or if the next suitable flea market will not take place for some time, a selfstorage compartment is ideal for temporarily storing things. A compartment also proves to be an excellent practical storage extension. For example, for seasonal decoration, sports equipment or winter clothing, a storage compartment is suitable as a safe storage location.

Who knows - If Marie Kondo would know Storebox, maybe she would have stored some of her things instead of throwing them away?

Storebox Selfstorage – keeping order made easy

Storebox is a Viennese company with numerous locations in German-speaking countries. It makes it easy for you to rent a storage compartment and store your belongings safely and properly. All locations are situated in urban areas and have maximum security precautions. They are video-monitored and equipped with smart sensors. They measure humidity and room temperature in real time to ensure optimum storage conditions at all times. Booking a selfstorage compartment is also very easy. Simply select a compartment at the location of your choice in the appropriate size online or via App (iOS or Android) and book online. You will receive your personal access code immediately after successful completion of the booking. Your compartment is now available 24/7 and you can start storing.

If you have any questions about your new storage compartment, just contact us!

We wish you a lot of fun with clearing out and tidying up a la KonMari!

Your Storebox-Team

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