Luggage storage in Salzburg

Store your suitcases and other luggage during the day in Salzburg

Especially on city trips and other short trips, most holidaymakers try to plan the available time optimally and efficiently. Examples for this are to arrange the flights or travel dates in such a way that you arrive in the morning and departure in the evening in order to use also still the arrival and departure day in the best possible way. The check-in and check-out times of the hotels often get in the way. In most cases you can check-in between 2 and 4p.m. and the checkout usually starts between 9 and 12a.m.

So, what do you do with your luggage if you arrive early in the morning, want to enjoy the day and cannot go to your accommodation yet? - Just store it! Not every hotel has a storage room for luggage, especially private accommodation such as Airbnb do not offer luggage storage. In Salzburg there is the possibility to store all your luggage for one or more days. Via the Nannybag platform you can book your suitcase storage in Salzburg in a comfortable and uncomplicated way.

Nannybag – the platform for your luggage storage

Nannybag is the temporary storage space for your suitcases! It is the largest luggage storage network in Europe. However, there are also a few locations outside Europe, in the USA and Australia. It is very simple to book a storage compartment for your suitcase:

  • Simply enter the city, date, time and number of suitcases on the website, select the desired storage location on the map, book and pay online and take your luggage to the location and store it.

In Austria, suitcases can already be checked-in and stored via Nannybag in Salzburg, Graz and Vienna. The cost in Europe is about 6€ per day and 4€ for each additional day. The luggage is insured by the AXA insurance agency against loss, theft and breakage. The warehouse can also be cancelled free of charge. All available storage facilities in a city are checked and certified by Nannybag. Customers can also evaluate and comment on the storage bins.

Storebox – Store suitcases in Salzburg via Nannybag

A Nannybag location in Salzburg is located in a Storebox area. There your luggage gets its own storage compartment. Storebox is the selfstorage provider near you. Smart locations in Austria and Germany take the storage of your items to a new level.

The advantages of Storebox at a glance:

  1. All locations are video-monitored and insured.
  2. Smart sensors measure room temperature and humidity to ensure optimal storage conditions.
  3. All locations are dry and heated.
  4. The booking of a compartment for your luggage is super simple via Nannybag.
  5. After you have successfully completed your booking, you will receive a 4-digit access code so that your luggage compartment is 24/7 available – no limited opening hours.

If you're looking for a perfect partner for longer-term storage in Salzburg or other cities in Austria or Germany, have a look at the Storebox website .

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