Household dissolution and move to a nursing home in Berlin - Checklist

Moving to a nursing home - checklist

For a patient who cannot be cared for at home, moving to a care facility is almost unavoidable. In order to make it as easy as possible to enter this new phase of life, this page gives an overview of what to bear in mind when taking this step. Furthermore, it shows that a move to a nursing home does not mean having to part with all the memorabilia.


1. Obtain a precautionary power of attorney
A power of attorney is required in order to fully relieve the burden on the relatives. This link takes you directly to the corresponding PDF document from Precautionary power of attorney. With it bank - and legal transactions, as well as other activities can be settled without any problems.

2. Cancel contracts
In order to avoid unnecessary costs, all current contracts should be terminated or adjusted in due time. A posthumous line helps to prevent letters from running out of paper.

3. Sorting
The first question to be asked is, which and how many furniture and personal objects may be brought into the future care facility. As social facilities are generally already furnished, it is usually not possible to take too many things with you. Afterwards, the person concerned should choose which furniture and personal belongings they would like to take with them.

4. Clearing out and storage
After the transfer, the home of the person should be evacuated. It is often difficult to simply throw memorable objects onto the bulky waste. But you can't use everything in at your own. To solve this dilemma, such things can be temporarily or permanently stored in a storage compartment.

Storage instead of discarding

Furniture, art and other memorabilia that are still uncertain whether or not they will be used in the future should not be disposed of or sold immediately. Above all, such furnishings carry a lot of life and past in them. In these situations, a storage compartment is ideal. Simply store furniture, appliances, decoration or memorabilia comfortably and securely. They can be reused at any time. The feeling that not all the household contents have been given away after a household dissolution can be obtained through an external warehouse.

There are several selfstorage providers in Berlin. More to it you find in our article "Selfstorage Berlin" where the selfstorage market in Berlin is explained.

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Household dissolution made easy

In order to handle a household dissolution as easily as possible, the above checklist should be followed. In addition to all the emotional aspects, the organisational effort should not be underestimated. Dealing with authorities, terminating contracts, re-registrations, sorting, moving and clearing out take some time.

There are various platforms in Berlin that help and support this process. In addition, there is a choice between many care facilities. Here are some useful links on this topic:


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