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We rent commercial space in urban areas and equip them with a future-oriented business model.


Advantages of a real estate partnership

As leading provider of digitalised self-storage and Europe's fastest growing logistics network with 280+ locations in 6 countries, Storebox offers innovative logistics solutions for private and corporate customers such as IKEA, Kone and DPD. Increasing demand and our system growth result in constant need for suitable locations and scalable potential for strategic real estate partnerships.

Advantage for your real estate portfolio:
Cost efficiencies through rental takeover

Consumers are increasingly purchasing services and products through digital channels, leading to reduced demand for physical retail space. As a result, businesses are faced with inefficient space utilisation or even vacancies. By flexibly taking over surplus rental space, Storebox can help to reduce costs.

plus-iconQuick takeover of individual spaces as well as entire portfolios.
plus-iconFlexible rental criteria (re-letting, sub-letting, joint renting).
plus-iconSynergies through click & collect cooperation or shop-in-shop.
plus-iconNo risk of losing locations to direct competitors.
Advantage for owners:
Long-term tenancy based on partnership

In addition to vacancies, owners of commercial properties are struggling with increased turnover of tenancies, which leads to additional time, opportunity and additional costs, as well as difficulty in finding tenants for ancillary areas (storage rooms, garages, etc.). By partnering with Storebox, you get a long-term tenant with flexible leasing criteria.

plus-iconFlexible rental requirements regarding property type.
plus-iconExperienced, reliable tenant with guaranteed creditworthiness.
plus-iconCrisis-proof, future-oriented business model.
plus-iconScalable rental potential through steady system growth.
Advantage for the city and environment:
Digitalised logistics centre in the neighbourhood

The ongoing e-commerce boom also has an impact on the development of cities. Commercial space that is no longer needed due to the change in consumption must be put to sustainable use and infrastructure for more efficient and environmentally friendly delivery processes must be created. Storebox locations can contribute to reducing costs, emissions and traffic volumes as local storage and logistics centres in the neighbourhood.

plus-iconStorebox as a fully digitalised local warehouse and logistics centre.
plus-iconDecentralised transshipment point for “last mile“ logistics processes.
plus-iconRelief for traffic and environment through reduced transport routes.
plus-iconResidents benefit from automated services such as Click & Collect.

In response to urbanisation and the e-commerce boom, logistics needs innovative solutions based on digitalised, local infrastructure. Together with our partners, we are shaping the cities of tomorrow.

Johannes Braith - Co-Founder & CEO

Our location criteria


Our location criteria

We are looking for commercial properties available in the short to medium term in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. The following factors must be taken into account when selecting potential properties:

check-circleCatchment area of +40k inhabitants

check-circleCommercial space 200m² to 500m²

check-circleGround level location with direct access

check-circleLimited term 10 years or unlimited term

check-circleLocation in commercial or industrial area

check-circleProperties in A-location with high m² price

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