Expat – Expatriates:

A desire for adventure? A new beginning? Or just the longing for a foreign flair after a hard-working day? This is what often motivates people to live abroad.

Specialists or executives who are sent abroad by their employers temporarily or permanently are referred to as "expats" or "expatriates". Despite the strong focus on work, free time to explore the new country should not be neglected! There are many different things to consider, from moving abroad all the way to establishing a life and integrating into the foreign countries culture. To make it a bit easier for you, we've put together a mini guide for expats:


First, you can save a lot of work by choosing an excellent moving company! Our RECOMMENDATION is die Möbelpacker! For more relocation tips and how to best tackle the move, check out: moving, as easy as in the TV & Storage with plan

• Make a checklist BEFORE relocating!

What documents do you need? What about a residence permit? Deregistration in the home country? If you're looking for a solution for storing the items you don’t need during your stay, stop by at Storebox. We help you store things safely and conveniently, for the duration of your stay abroad.

• ... and a checklist for AFTER the move to the desired country

Register in the new country and check the opening hours of the registration offices beforehand! Health issues such as registering at a social insurance institution, as well as matters related to banking should not be forgotten.

• Work: Important facts about working abroad

Get a work permit! Investigate necessary banking matters, especially when it comes to taxes in the foreign country. Also, do not forget about researching options for legal advice - you never know what you come across in the new country... In general, we highly recommend getting informed about necessary documents, forms, deadlines and relevant authorities in advance. Often employers help with such matters.

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• Apartment check

Of course, you will also need to look into finding a nice place to stay. To get the most out of it, don’t hesitate to reach out to housing counselling that’s available in the country you’re moving to. In order to not upset new neighbors, also look into regulations regarding proper pet ownership, waste separation, and so on.

• Transport options?

The means of transportation should also be clarified in advance. Do you need a ticket for public transport, or can you even bring your own car with you? In most cases a company car or an annual public transport ticket, is provided by the employer for the duration of working in the new country.

• Healthy also abroad!

Remember to research hospitals, doctors and other emergency care facilities, as well as the insurance in the neighborhood at your new home. If you’re going to a more exotic country, make sure you get all mandatory vaccinations ahead of time. Some of them need to be done months in advance.

• What about your free time?

That’s right. Leisure activities shall not be left out. Theaters, cinemas, parks - find out what the country has to offer, because as the saying goes:

Business before pleasure!

Have you not made your decision on a country yet?
Watch a short video about the best countries for expats here!

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