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Storebox Dornbirn Kehlerstraße

Kehlerstraße 30, 6850 Dornbirn • servus@storebox.at • Call-through:

Available from Monday, 23 December 2019

This Storebox will open soon. Get your opening bonus today.


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Soon the new Storebox Dornbirn Kehlerstraße will open in Kehlerstraße 30 in Dornbirn. This is video-monitored, insured and also equipped with smart sensors that measure the temperature and humidity. Thanks to our innovative access system, the Storebox Dornbirn Kehlerstraße can be accessed around the clock. To guarantee maximum security, all access activities are stored in real time. The central location allows best public accessibility. The ground-level, barrier-free access and public parking directly in front of the Storebox make storing even easier! This all-round package offers our customers of the Storebox Dornbirn Kehlerstraße maximum flexibility.
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