Success Stories
Being your own boss is nice - being successful with your own business even more. In any case, we are happy about the success stories of our franchise partners.

The number of our franchise partners is growing steadily. We can proudly claim that our franchise partners have become successful entrepreneurs. Together we are going to build the largest network of urban self storage space in Europe. Two of our franchise partners invite you behind the scenes of their Storebox locations and give insights into their experiences, achievements and challenges.

What happened so far
  • May 2019: Storebox franchise partner in Salzburg opens third location
  • April 2019: Storebox opens its 50th location
  • April 2019: Storebox franchise partner for Cologne is on board
  • April 2019: Storebox franchise partner for Innsbruck opens site
  • April 2019: Storebox franchise partner for Korneuburg opens site
  • April 2019: Nominee as "Best Franchise System Newcomer 2019"
  • March 2019: Storebox franchise partner for Klosterneuburg is on board
  • February 2019: Storbox celebrates the 2,000th franchise partner request
  • January 2019: Storebox franchise partner in Basel/CH is on board
  • November 2018: Storebox franchise partners in Mainz & Graz are on board
  • October 2018: investment by SIGNA Group of Companies in Storebox
  • September 2018: Storebox franchise partner in Innsbruck is on board
  • March 2018: Storebox franchise partner in Munich is on board
  • March 2018: Storebox franchise partners in Linz are on board
  • March 2018: Opening of the first Storebox location in Berlin
  • February 2018: 15 Storebox locations in Vienna
  • January 2018: Opening of the first Storebox franchise location in Salzburg
  • November 2017: First Storebox franchise partner in Vienna and Salzburg
  • October 2017: Storebox franchise system is launched
  • January 2017: Opening of the first Storebox locations in Vienna

May we introduce: Paul Langeneder for Salzburg and Richard Prinz for Vienna. The two currently serve five of the 17 opened franchise partner locations in 3 countries.

Paul Langeder - Franchise Partner Salzburg

Gastronome Paul Langeder operates the park cafe Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg. Together with his Storebox business partner Raphael Reifeltshammer, he also manages several Storebox locations in Salzburg. More locations are already planned, as they found more local business potential.

Paul entered the Storebox-Family in 2018. After a first biz-year, he resumes and remembers back to the beginnings of his Storebox partnership.

Why did you choose the Storebox franchise system?
The Storebox franchise system offers a 100% digital solution to problems that I, with my current business partner Raphael, have been constantly aware of in our environment. Even before we heard of Storebox, we talked about the imminent shortage of living and storage space in urban areas. The advantages of a franchise system over a sole proprietorship within the self storage market were obvious immediately: a strong brand, the online presence and digital storage system, the targeted marketing, and of course the experience of the franchise headquarters.

You have been a Storebox franchise partner for over a year now. How satisfied are you looking back?
Very satisfied!! It's a real partnership! We are in constant contact with the head office in Vienna - every single question is answered very quickly. Top service and support in all situations. After almost exactly twelve months of cooperation, we are very happy with the achievements so far and continue to be highly motivated in the future.

How did you experience the journey from getting in touch for the first time until today?
The support for us as Storebox franchise partners have been very good from the beginning. We got instant feedback on our property proposals. Once we had agreed on a location, the environment was also examined with a professional location analysis. The personal assessment of the property and the experience of the whole team have been very beneficial.

Were there stumbling blocks?
Of course, there are stumbling blocks on the way to a successful Storebox. First, finding a location where certain parameters such as price/m², surroundings, size, ... fit! For us in Salzburg, the accessibility by car and parking are very important. Likewise, you should have a good common understanding with your landlord, as it is a relatively long rental period. Concerning bookings and occupancy rates, you have to be aware that there are seasonal fluctuations here as well - they are also part of this business - sometimes you have to prove your own initiative. With an event or some advertising aiming companies in the neighborhood you can already advance a lot. The franchise office also helps with a thorough analysis of the market environment, user behavior on the website, and many other tools to increase traffic to our site and attract new inquiries and prospects ashore. So far, we have been able to get rid of every obstacles together!

For potential prospects, what do you need to bring in as a future Storebox franchise partner?
If you already made experience within real estate, this helps of course! Otherwise you can find your way around with a good sense for your own city and neighborhood. In addition, if you can trust in a good network of friends or companies and a good dose of entrepreneurial thinking - this helps.

Are you still convinced of the Storebox franchise system?
We can absolutely recommend the Storebox franchise concept! It's almost like a blueprint, a tutorial on how to approach self storage and that's why we can simply recommend this to anyone who wants to get involved in this topic and wants to become self-employed in this field.

Where do you see yourself and your Storebox (locations) in five years?
As a strong franchise partner within an established brand that leads the self storage market in Salzburg.

Richard Prinz - Franchise Partner Vienna

Richard Prinz has been a member of the Storebox franchise family since November 2017 and opened two Storebox locations, with a third planned.

For Richard his franchise partnership at Storebox is an investment for his future - he is convinced of the success of the concept: "Affordable living space is becoming scarce everywhere, and thus the demand for urban storage space will continue to rise in the coming years."
As soon as he officially decided to partner with Storebox, the search for the right property started. "Here I think it’s wise to invest a bit of time already!" So he walked around in potential areas of the city, searched on real estate sites on the Internet and tapped personal and professional networks. But Richard has been also supported by Storebox from the beginning. "The systematic analysis of the location potential has been completely taken over by the franchise headquarters."

The support of the headquarters does not end with the opening of the site. As a consequence, running of the Storebox outlet can be handled in addition to a full-time job and family life. "Most customer inquiries are handled directly at the head office, if I really need to get active, I am getting contacted by HQ." Therefore Richard can plan individually and for emergency situations on site he gets technical support remotely via HQ as well.

Richard's advice to all franchisees is to rely on their own gut feeling. ”Taking a step into self-employment is not easy, but with the Storebox franchise concept for me it was the easiest. There is an exact plan which you can follow.” The mutual trust of the partners, the support and the work on common goals, makes franchise systems for him the perfect way to independence.

I became a Storebox franchise partner out of conviction. At Storebox, I benefit from a proven system and a competent team that supports me at all times. The business model is an investment in my future. This allowed me to open 2 locations within a very short period of time.”