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Low investment - fast amortization - agile scaling
These are your benefits with your own Storebox. Be part of the Storebox success story and benefit from an enormous market growth and our innovative technologies.

Why Storebox?
Proven Concept
Growing industry
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What our partners say

"Great concept, steady support and meaningful share of experience among other Franchise Partners"

Daniel Einy
CEO at thesocialist.rocks and Franchise Partner Munich


"Storebox accompanied us perfectly - from the first idea of starting our own biz until its opening"

Katharina Glatt & Andreas Scholz
"Service Manager and Franchise Partner Korneuburg


"Thank you for tailor-made marketing measures for Innsbruck right at the beginning."

Bilal Baltaci
CNC Software Trainer and Franchise Partner Innsbruck

Become Market Leader - Together

Benefit from our proven concept and the established brand including territorial protection - trademark protection - system protection - customer protection.

We are supporting with location search, expansion planning, and provide you with the technical solution concept including a digital booking system. In special trainings you learn how to get the most out of your investment. You enjoy several synergy effects from a comprehensive partner and purchasing network. Tailor-made marketing measures promote your revenue and increase brand awareness. A dedicated service manager will take care of your questions. The internal IT hotline provides quick and easy support. Our Storebox online portal offers a perfect business overview and accurate figures such as turnover and capacity of your Storebox at any time.

“Mutual support for joint success”

We offer the perfect framework for being your own boss as a franchise partner, to build your own company, and to become a successful player in your local market. In addition, you will enjoy the benefits of being part of a family and having access to our own and other partners’ experiences. Let’s change the world of self storage persistently.