As a franchise partner, we keep your initial investment costs small, the risk calculable, and lead you to economic success through continuous support.

What start-up costs are needed to open your own Storebox and what do they cover? Storebox has laid the foundation with a mature concept and an established brand. On this basis you grow together with us. For brand, technical infrastructure, Storebox online portal, marketing, and ongoing support and advice, the franchisees pay entry and running fees.

Kick off to your entrepreneurship

The fees for Storebox franchise partners are separated into franchise entry fee and running franchise fees.

The franchise entry fee amounts to 25.000 EUR per site, which are due in 2 installments*:
  • Step In: 15.000 EUR at the beginning of the partnership with the signing of the franchise agreement.
  • Get Started: 10.000 EUR due for rental/start of construction of an object.

The investment cost for a Storebox property is approx. 100 - 150 EUR / m². This includes necessary refurbishments as well as the installation of the compartments, safety technology (locking system, video surveillance cameras) and the smart sensor system.

*Rate model only possible with debt financing. When financing from equity, the franchise entry fee of 25.000 EUR is due immediately upon signing the contract.

Intended purpose of franchise fees

  • Franchise license & territorial protection 15.000 EUR
  • Secure your exclusive area for your location with optimized customer and territory protection.
  • Kick off Marketing 5.000 EUR
  • Your Storebox will be set up with a customized marketing campaign. On- and offline measures are monitored centrally and are continuously optimized.
  • Technical Integration 5.000 EUR
  • We are planning your Storebox site to the last detail. Together we create a layout and expansion plan. In addition, your location will be integrated into our infrastructure (homepage, app, intranet).

10% of monthly net income are used as

  • Franchise fee 4%
  • Marketing fee 4%
  • Goes directly into your marketing pool for further and ongoing marketing efforts and communication.
  • IT fee 2%
  • The franchise HQ has a large IT department to ensure a smooth set-up and running operations.

Please find a summary of all costs in the following PDF:

The Storebox franchise system offers exclusive benefits:

Your perfect location

Cost of your outlet can not be estimated 100% accurate right away. No property and no Storebox resembles the other. When looking for a location, however, we pay attention to facts such as purchasing power, sales potential, investment costs, and monthly cost as a decision criteria. For starting the franchise partnership, no property is necessary! We are happy to assist you in finding the best for you. If you already own or know a property, we can determine together whether a Storebox can be realized or not.

The following criteria should always be met by a possible location:
area: 100m² to 500m²
time: at least 10 years of contract duration
requirement: easily access via the ground floor

The detailed requirements can be found in our Storebox site requirements.

Become a franchise partner now

To build a strong joint network of Storebox sites, it is necessary to bring some features and capabilities. Because only with an efficient team and competent local partners we can achieve our goals together!

Your qualifications for the Storebox franchise system:
  • dedicated and ambitious personality
  • performance and success-oriented thinking
  • high degree of independence
  • experience in the service sector is an advantage (service, sales)
  • joy of dealing with people
  • social competence
  • distinctive service
  • commercial competence and willingness to perform

Your responsibilities as franchise partner

Through the continuous digitalization of the product Storebox, we keep the effort for franchise partners as low as possible. Reason: only at Storebox the entire customer process, from the first interest via reservation to bookings can be handled online.

As a Storebox franchise partner, you are responsible for:
  • construction and operation of the Storebox
  • active marketing within your own sales area
  • ensuring a system-compliant appearance (compliance with the corporate identity)
  • pro-active communication with the franchise HQ
  • participation in trainings, further education, and annual meetings
  • constant quality assurance during operations

You are the ideal franchise partner? You want to become part of our success story? Then apply without obligation for an area near you!

Become a Storebox franchise partner