Local storage
in the inner-city warehouse network

Customer proximity through short journeys
24/7 emergency response
Professional and secure storage

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Commuting between a central warehouse and the site costs time and money. Perfect your service quality and distribution speed by setting up a local warehouse network for your employees in the field. Gain flexibility in the vicinity of your site.

The challenge

Limited space for goods at the point of sale
Long travel times from the central warehouse to the sales location
Minimised range of goods at the point of sale

The solution

Reduction of waiting times for products and goods through expanded storage space directly at the point of sale
Higher turnover thanks to the immediate availability of an additional range of goods
Flexible response to sales enquiries thanks to an increased range of goods at the point of sale
travel times
A local storage network creates many individual, close and central mini-hubs that can be reached over a short distance.
responsiveness in
an emergency
With 24/7 access, you can react quickly and spontaneously to unforeseen events and take appropriate measures.
Spare parts, accessories and tools can be stored properly and out of sight. Temporary storage in cars, private cellars, etc., is no longer necessary.
All stored items are insured and protected by a comprehensive security system on site.
Flexible access
You define which people have access to the warehouse. Precise access analyses ensure transparency in the use of the warehouse by employees or external partners.
warehouse sizes
and locations
Storage compartments and locations can be selected and used according to your needs. Adjustments are possible at any time.

Optimised travel routes ensure enormous time savings when travelling to the site as well as a faster arrival. Your customers, partners and employees will be happy about this special addition.

Storebox is the perfect solution for companies...

who employ a large number of dedicated employees in the field in different areas.
who place the highest value on quality, service and customer satisfaction.
who have to provide service and maintenance directly to the customer.
whose products must be operational around the clock.
who want to use fast distribution channels as a competitive advantage.

Many satisfied customers have already been able to successfully optimise their distribution and service networks with the help of Storebox.

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We would be happy to make you an individual offer or advise you should you have any questions.