Spare parts warehouse
for service technicians

Inner-city warehouse locations with unrestricted access 24/7
Guaranteed proximity and short distances to your customers
Local storage for more efficiency

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With Storebox you can store spare parts and goods directly where they will be used. In this way, you are in close proximity to the customer and save yourself long travel times for collecting the materials from a central warehouse. Create more efficiency by receiving deliveries of goods 24/7 directly to the Storebox and returning them if necessary.

The challenge

Long journeys for technicians between home, central warehouse and the work site
Lack of immediate availability of tools and materials in the work area
Necessity to drive to the central warehouse in order to bring returns and defective devices back

The solution

Several technicians use a local warehouse to store materials and spare parts
Increased response possibilities through 24/7 access to all materials
Night deliveries to the urban spare parts warehouse - so the technicians are immediately ready for action in the morning
Cost savings through optimisation of the technician’s time-to-travel ratio
Increase in the working time of the technicians thanks to the transport partner taking returns or defective devices
Choose from a large number of locations, the best-located micro-hub for your delivery area and shorten the last mile.
Early delivery and late shipment? Delays due to traffic jams or short-term changes in staff availability? No problem! You can use your self-storage micro-hub around the clock.
management tool
With the help of a smart access management tool, you can see when your employees have started delivering and collecting goods and can manage access codes as required.
The Storebox locations are all characterised by easy accessibility - whether on two wheels, four wheels or by public transport.
and frost-proof
Even in bad weather conditions, your parcels are well-protected in the Storebox and can be prepared for onward transport in a dry and warm place.
compartment sizes
New delivery area that needs to be set up first? Your Storebox grows flexibly with your shipping volume.

Optimised travel routes ensure enormous time savings when travelling to the site as well as a faster arrival. Your customers, partners and employees will be happy about this special addition.

Storebox is the perfect solution for companies...

who employ a large number of dedicated employees in the field or the deployment of technicians in different areas.
who place the highest value on quality, service and customer satisfaction.
who have to provide service and maintenance directly to the customer.
whose products must be operational around the clock.
who want to use fast distribution channels as a competitive advantage.

Many satisfied customers have already been able to successfully optimise their distribution and service networks with the help of Storebox.

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We would be happy to make you an individual offer or advise you should you have any questions.