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Failed delivery attempts, deliveries to the 5th floor without a lift, lack of parking facilities or overnight deliveries make satisfactory delivery for both the supplier and recipient more difficult.

Click & Collect solutions make things easier for both sides. The Storebox compartments are perfect as a local and easily accessible transfer or collection station and ensure efficient processes. We take care of the transport of your goods, the administration of the Storebox compartments and customer communication. The processes are designed to be smooth and fully automated using APIs.

The challenge

Growing demand for flexible and fast delivery options
Expansion of online commerce
Failed attempts to deliver goods

The solution

Integration of Storebox Click & Collect stations into the order processes to expand the delivery options for end customers
Urban collection stations for faster deliveries
Flexible 24/7 collection option for your customers
Full-service through transports from the central warehouse and management of the collection stations
Storebox returns service

Contactless handovers

Handovers can take place without the recipient being present, which means that deliveries can be made at any time. This means that unsuccessful delivery attempts can be eliminated and time planning simplified.

Automated notification process

Our access management tool automates the communication between delivery agent and recipient. Notifications for delivery and collection are sent immediately.

24/7 access

Unrestricted access to the Storebox is possible, deliveries or collections at night or early in the morning are no problem.

Flexible compartment sizes

Compartments of different sizes can be used for the handover, which means that large deliveries such as furniture are not a problem.

Logistics processes can be streamlined by using delivery and collection boxes. By eliminating the need for those involved to be present at the same time, everyone gains flexibility.

Storebox is the perfect solution for companies...

and online shops with a product range that is more suitable for Click & Collect than direct delivery.
and forwarders who want to offer their customers a more flexible form of delivery.
who want to expand their sales area without high investment costs.

Pilot projects have shown positive reactions to the collection of ordered goods at collection stations. Above all, the main advantage that was mentioned was the flexibility it offered.

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We would be happy to make you an individual offer or advise you should you have any questions.